Hello all, 

The time change has seriously affected me in the last twenty-four hours since it occurred, as I'm sure many fellow horse people have felt the same way. For horse people it's nice to fall back that first morning because it means that one extra hour of sleep that you crave and can rarely acquire. Though come evening it is quite painful to see the sun disappearing before you have finished that last ride of the day or the last chore at the barn. I've had to get used to riding only on days when the weather is good, considering I don't have a ring to ride in here, and now with the time change I will have to alter my schedule again to make sure I've ridden before the sun sets and I run out of daylight. It has been wonderful having my horses right outside from where I'm living again though, I thoroughly enjoy being able to walk out my back door and enjoy the first morning rays of sunlight on the dewey grass and feed in the chilly morning air. 

Fall has very thoroughly arrived here on the east coast and the leaves have all turned a brilliant wash of color, adding a different kind of light to the world each day until the grayness of winter arrives. With fall came some other changes as well! I started working for Manuel Show Stables about a month and a half ago now. It has been a very welcoming facility full of many friendly faces and fantastic horses to ride! I love the job immensely as I had hoped I would! I am the main exercise rider for the facility, it is a predominantly jumper oriented barn, with Katia Manuel-Adams as the head trainer. I have had the privilege to ride a lot of amazing talented horses since starting my work there, and Katia and her father, Claude, have been very helpful with fine tuning my position and keeping me in top riding shape! I am very excited to be part of their team and to see what the future might hold for me with them! 

In addition to the new job I have also picked up a few training rides on a couple ponies and horses on my days off that I don't work at Manuel Show Stables. This has allowed me to keep my business goals going on a smaller scale as I had hoped! 

Here at the farm, Lucky and Chester have been enjoying getting fuzzy, though Chester will be getting body clipped here in the next day or two. Chester has been making weekly trailer trips with me to train with our new trainer, Carol Conner of Blue Moon Dressage in Bridgeton, New Jersey. She has been a fantastic help for him and I am excited to get him out in the dressage show ring starting this month! My Sinatra, aka: Sky, is still here at the farm with me and has been continuing his dressage training as well, and making leaps and bounds of progress! He will be completing his first two training level dressage tests at a schooling show in a couple weeks and will hopefully peak the interest of someone who would love to buy him and give him a great future of competing. 

This coming Friday we also have two more fellow four-legged equine friends joining us again! Scooter is returning from his lease for the winter months and Rebecca Korab's, Frank, will be joining us in semi-retirement/light work! I'm excited to have these boys coming "home!"