Mega Life Changes

I haven't written in a few months due to some drastic, life altering changes that have been occurring in my own personal life resulting in professional life changes as well. At least once in your life you need to learn as a human being that things do indeed change in life and you cannot control them most of the time. This learning experience also has to teach you to just roll with it and let yourself follow the path that opens up for you. In the horse world this I feel ends up happening a lot for many young professionals trying to find their way and follow whatever opportunity best presents itself at that time. 

Back in about the middle of June I began the process of getting divorced, the big bad ugly D word that no one really ever wants to be subjected to in their life time. This decision forced me onto a path that meant I would be changing my residential location as well and also it meant I would be giving up my beloved business and clients. Two choices that unfortunately went hand in hand with the first big decision. While I had a hard time leaving behind what I had built in Central Pennsylvania and the people and horse I had come to regard as family, I know that my path wasn't meant to stay there and I had to accept that fact. 

Now, almost 3 months later I have begun a new journey, still involving horses of course! I will still be keeping my business in some regards and working with a couple training horses a month so this blog will continue along with my website. My focus at the moment is turning towards getting my bachelor's degree, something I had put on hold for awhile. In addition to going back to school online, I will be working with my training projects and pursuing my dressage medals with both Lucky and Chester. 

I began riding with a fantastic trainer about a month ago and she's been great in helping me work with Chester to achieve suppleness through his back and teach him that he has to have his own carriage and suppleness without it being a battle. He's latched on to the long low suppling work wonderfully and to feel his back lift on his own without my prompting is an amazing feeling coming from the little Arabian that couldn't make it around the ring without bucking, rearing and being a jerk just a year ago. With his gaits and his drive I am very excited to see how far he may go in the competitive dressage ring! 

As life has it's own way of doing things, just throwing you onto the path with it and expecting you to go along willingly, I came to expect change in my life many years ago. This is just another of those path altering instances that I'm experiencing and I'm embracing it willingly. Stay tuned for more about the new path as it unfolds!