SGSDS Schooling Show Recap

The show season kicked off last weekend with a dressage schooling show hosted by SGSDS at Fidler Run Farm on March 29th. I ended up taking Lucky for her first show in a couple years and decided to use this show as a test run to figure out what kind of horse I would have at the shows from here on out. She shocked me quite pleasantly! We trailered over with my dressage trainer, Carol Conner and her young horse, Dewey. Lucky and Dewey were civil in the trailer and no one tried to kill each other so that was a good start to a chilly morning! 

Lucky warmed up great in the little indoor and was very well mannered walking about the property. Stepping into the ring for our 1st level test 1 test around 12:30pm we had to negotiate some oh-so-scary puddles that had accumulated randomly in the ring from rain the day before. Despite some "creative puddle avoidance maneuvers" (judge's comment) on Lucky's part, she put in a decent test and we got a score of 63 putting us in 4th place for that class. The judge was a little generous I thought, but she did give good feedback! 

A few moments later and a quick mental run through of my second test, Lucky and I stepped back into the ring for our 1st level test 2. She was much more consistent through the puddles on the second test and put in another decent ride to get us a score of 66 and set us in 3rd place for that class. All in all I was very pleased with Lucky for putting on her game face and doing the job especially since it has been a very long time since she was in a show ring with me! 

Ending the day with a quiet ride back home I recapped my rides and read through the judges comments on my tests. Our homework for the next show is to find Lucky's lengthened trot, a bit more consistency in her tempo through all her gaits, using our corners more effectively and setting her up for each movement a little more fluidly. 

Looking forward to the next show this coming weekend! First rated show of the year and hopefully we will get our two first level scores we need to go towards our Bronze Medal! Fingers crossed!