Hello all! 

There has been quite a change since the last post I made almost a year ago now. I know I've neglected this blog, I think that was partially due to not quite knowing where things were heading business-wise for quite some time. This new year has brought many changes to GGES that all started last year. I'll begin with a recap...

Plum Lucky and I, USDF rated 1st level, Spring 2015

Lucky continued to show last year a few more times bringing in consistent scores in the 60% range with myself to give me the scores I needed at 1st Level to not only put towards my Bronze Medal, but to also qualify me for the 1st Level Musical Freestyle, and to get her awarded 5th place by the American Holsteiner Horse Association for the 2015 USDF All Breed Awards in Open 1st Level! I am thrilled with her! Now the plan is to see about possibly putting together a musical freestyle this year.... 

Welston (Wyatt) and I, USDF Rated 2nd level, Fall 2015

Knowing that Lucky wouldn't have the movement to go past 1st Level, my trainer, Carol, offered me the chance to ride her horse, Wyatt. So I spent the Fall working on learning the art of the correct dressage position (still a work in progress as my bones don't go where I want them to go) and Wyatt and I showed at 2nd Level a few times. He helped me consistently get scores in the mid 60% range which gave me my 2nd Level scores towards my Bronze Medal! The plan for the winter was to work hard on my position so that I could effectively ride Wyatt better and show him 3rd Level in the spring. That plan went a little awry though when another portion of life got in the (More on that shortly.) 

Personally I decided that I needed something to bring in some more money consistently since teaching on the east coast has it's down season during winter if you don't have an indoor ring. That decision lead to me getting certified as a Pilates Instructor last fall and since then I've been teaching at Body Benefits Pilates Studio a couple days a week. On top of that I've been going to school as well, trying to finish up my degree on a super fast track by bumping up my classes to "double full time" status. Full time is 2 classes per 8 week term, I've been taking 4 per 8 week term. Slightly killing myself but that's okay because the end is near! My estimated graduation datewas supposed to be Spring of 2017, but I will be done August 9th of this year! Almost a full year ahead of schedule!

With focusing on school and beginning to plan for the future I knew I needed a new plan so with the spring weather has brought a new plan on the equine front, and professional front. 

New plan….equine-wise. 

Chester - day 1! 

Chester and Scooter have been on “hacking around” status since last spring, and they both had a solid three months off since winter hit. With the better weather though they got back to work with me, both seem to be happy to work a little again so that’s a good sign! With Chester I went back to square one of his training with the intention to slowly build his muscle back up again and take him back to basics to try to rebuild a good foundation again. So far it’s working well, there haven’t been any major fire-breathing-dragon outbursts! He will be heading to a fun little hunter pace with me April 2nd. Scooter was of course a perfect gentleman when I first hopped back on him and he’s on the “fitness plan” to turn the rest of his fat back into muscle again. The plan for him is to start teaching on him again so he has a job! 

Lucky began showing some signs of intermittent lameness in her left front last summer which upon flex testing her looks like it might be an arthritic deal in her left front fetlock area. While not working full-time means I don’t have extra money coming in, it’s meant that I have had to hold off on getting her to the vet to get some x-rays done and most likely a joint injection. So while she waits for my savings to keep growing she’s going to hack around and do some light fitness work to get her back in shape again without putting too much stress on her until I can get that joint looked at. She’s quite content with that plan for the moment though, it still affords her to do her signature butt tuck and fly backwards kicking at Chester in the field on a daily basis when she’s bossing him around. Silly girl! 

On the professional front….of course my life wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have a million things brewing in the fire at one time! 

With the intention to finish school in August, I have begun looking at internships or jobs involved in either the publishing world or social media marketing. I’ll keep teaching pilates because I thoroughly enjoy it, but I have also begun another venture outside the equine world, writing. Green Gate Publication is my newest “venture” which has begun to take shape slowly in the form of my own novel writing. Yep that’s right, a novelist. A dream I’ve always had, but have never quite found the gumption to do it, until now! 

Am I giving up the horse industry one asks? Nope. That’s a silly question! Partnering up with a great client of mine, I have spaces opening up for lessons at her new facility in Vineland, NJ! So of course there will still be plenty of equine business in my life as well as all the other extras I’m putting on my plate! That’s what keeps it interesting though!