Throughout Paetra's sixteen years of experience in the equine industry she has gained many attributes, skills and knowledge that can be applied to most all jobs related in the equine industry. She is knowledgeable about eventing, hunter, jumper and dressage riding disciplines, in addition to daily horse care, first aid, bandaging, proper feeding, etc. that is needed in the management/care of a barn. She started her own business from ground zero, built it up and had a barn-full of horses, clients and students in under two years. Paetra has experience bringing in clients and building relationships with them, and managing employees.  She did all the billing and record keeping end of things, as well as marketing for horses, clients and her own business. She has knowledge on website design from designing one for her own business, and she has experience with designing for apparel, business cards, banners, etc. for promoting businesses. Paetra is responsible for her duties, a hard worker, willing to put in overtime if needed, patient with clients and horses, communicative, and qualified to work a position as a trainer, riding instructor, groom, barn manager or sales representative. 






  • Paetra has owned 8 horses, 4 Arabians, 2 Holsteiners, 1 Welsh pony, and 1 Quarter Horse
  • She has trained through Preliminary Level and shown successfully through Training Level 3-Day Eventing for 8 years under the training of Brittany Savory of Shornecliff Training Center in Napa, California. 
  • Trained Hunters/Jumpers through 4 foot for 3 years under the training of Matt Brown and Cecily Clark of East West Training Stables in Petaluma, California.
  • Trained in basic Natural Horsemanship ground/colt starting work for 3 years under Matt Brown of East West Training Stables in Petaluma, California.
  • Trained through 4th Level in Dressage solidly and trained through some Grand Prix Level dressage for 2 years under Louise Labrucherie of Fieldstone Farms in Santa Rosa, California. 
  • Trained in Hunter/Jumpers with Julie Young of Silver Bay Stables in Petaluma, Ca. 
  • Trained and shown in 3’ Hunters with Chris Grant and Katie Rinda of Alliquippa Stables in Malvern, Pa.
  • Trained in Hunter/Jumpers with Barbara Kohr of Halcyon Farms in Dillsburg, Pa.
  • Trained in Hunter/Jumpers with Erin Knepper of Woodberry Farm in York, Pa. 
  • Currently training in Dressage with Carol Conner of Blue Moon Dressage in Bridgeton, NJ. 
  • Participated in clinics in Dressage, Hunters and Jumpers with Sally Cousins, Christine Betz, Beth Clark, Major Jeremy Beale, Henrick Johansen, Steuart Pittman, and Karen Healey. 


Shornecliff Training Center - Brittany Savory

Napa, California

Jan 2000-March 2006

Show Groom/Working Student/Riding Instructor/Assistant Trainer

East West Training Stables - Matthew Brown and Cecily Clark

Petaluma, California

March 2007-July 2009

Groom/Working Student

Fieldstone Farms - Louise Labrucherie

Santa Rosa, California

August 2008-July 2009

Trainer’s Assistant/Exercise Rider

Fieldstone Farms - Louise Labrucherie

Santa Rosa, California

July 2010-June 2011

Stable Manager 

Alliquippa Stables - Chris Grant

Malvern, Pennsylvania

June 2011-May 2012

Stable Manager

Woodberry Stables

York, Pennsylvania

May 2012-January 2014

Head Show Groom/Head Stable Groom 

Self-Employed/Freelance Work

Napa, Petaluma and Santa Rosa, California

January 2006-September 2012

Exercise Rider/Horse Trainer/House-Pet Sitter

Green Gate Equine Services at Mountainview Horse Farm

March 2013-July 2014 

English Riding Instructor/Trainer at Mountainview Horse Farm in Carlisle, Pa 

Owner/Operator ofInstructor/Training Business 

Green Gate Equine Services

September 2012-Present Day

Owner/Operator of Business - Horse Trainer/Riding Instructor/Sales 

Manuel Show Stables

September 2014 - April 2015 

Exercise Rider/Groom

Blue Moon Dressage

February 2015 - February 2016  

Part-time Working Student 

Body Benefits Pilates Studio

November 2015 - Present Day 

Mat Pilates Instructor 


  • Southern New Hampshire University Online

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English with a Minor in Marketing 

  • Santa Rosa Junior College of Santa Rosa, Ca

General Education classes & Equine classes in First Aid and Basic Massage/Accupressure

Fall 2008-Spring 2009

  • Wilson College of Chambersburg, Pa

Some classes in Equestrian Management B.S. 

Fall 2009-Spring 2010

  • Equinology Inc. 

April 10-25, 2010 

Equine Body Worker certification course under the instruction of Debranne Patillo. 


  • Full Sail University 

Masters in Digital Marketing 

November 2016 - December 2017