Green Gate Equine Services offers professional riding instruction, training and sales. 

Riding instruction is offered for students ages 6+ in 3-day eventing, dressage, hunters/jumpers and natural horsemanship. 

Training offered for un-broke/ green through already trained and showing horses. Specializing in natural horsemanship ground training and breaking techniques. 

Training and lesson packages available upon request.  

Consignment board packages upon request and based on vacancy.   


Price List


  • Exercise/Training Ride $45/ride
  • Ground Work Session $35/session

Riding Instruction

  • 45min-1hr lesson $55/lesson

Horse board (limited spaces, pasture only)-

  • $300/month 

Show Services

  • Grooming $80/horse/day, gas + food costs/day
  • Coaching $100/day
  • Away shows: all trainer expenses (food, lodging, etc.) will be split between clients


  • Horse Shopping- 
    • All Gas/travel expenses paid/day
    • $100/day
  • Marketing Horse-
    • Negotiable commission of the final horse sales price. (Typical commission range is from 10%-25%.)


  • Mane pulling $30/mane
  • Trimming (ears, muzzle, legs, bridle path) $40/trim
  • Clipping-
    • Full Body $140/horse & $120/pony
    • Hunt Clip $100/horse & $90/pony
    • Trace Clip/Chase Clip $90/horse & $80/pony